The Static Octopus Bio

Prior to having started The Static Octopus, Tery Daly played in solo recording acts Creatures of Habit and Starboy. Outside of a few live appearances around the country, CoH and Starboy remained solely recording acts due to being unable to find consistent and committed band members. Tery completed the music for his first releases, "Selling Off The Bees", "Schizophrenic Sandwich" and tracks on various compilations, by playing all the instruments himself. Pleased with the songs, but not the quality of the home-recordings that living in an apartment made possible, Tery vowed not to release another CD until having at least a drummer, if not a full band.

Lincoln, Nebraska is known locally for having more guitarists than any town needs, but bassists and drummers are few and far between. Not having the luck of hooking up with any bassists or drummers for 6 years, Tery continued working on new material, and soon had hundreds of songs written and demoed, just waiting to be recorded. Meeting drummer Jeff Gustafson, (Minutia Stew) in the spring of 2003 brought the wait to an end. The duo set to work in 2004 recording, with Jeff playing the drums and Tery playing everything else.

With the album Tery and Jeff worked on, "Here Comes Nothing", nearing completion in 2005, Tery put together a new lineup of the band to do live shows, and decided to change the band name, and The Static Octopus was born. In addition to Tery and Jeff, the band also includes Dan Hutt (Near South Davenport), on guitar and vocals, and Scott Stanfield (Prairie Psycho, Floating Opera) on bass & vocals.

This lineup tore it up from 2003-2006, but was mothballed when Jeff got married and didnít have the time to commit to the band, and Dan went to grad school in another state. Upon Danís return to NE in 2011, Tery and Dan slowly began the work of putting the band back together. Jamming informally at first, it wasnít until they recruited drummer Jeremy Powers (Aria Fall) to join them that The Static Octopus was once more a band. They decided after unsuccessfully trying to find a bass player to just have Dan switch from guitar to bass and carry on as a 3 piece. This format suits the songs perfectly because it allows the elaborate vocal arrangements to shine through.

With this lineup set, The Static Octopus is now rocking the world with their incredible power-pop. Drawing their main influence from 60's British Invasion and 70's Power-pop, The Static Octopus are influenced by and frequently compared to bands such as The Beatles, The Hollies, The Records, The Zombies, XTC, The Beach Boys, Cheap Trick, Nick Lowe, Guided by Voices, The Apples In Stereo, Redd Kross, Fountains of Wayne, The Kinks, The Minders, Matthew Sweet, The Shoes, Oranger, The Smithereens, The Paul Collins Beat, The Raspberries, The Left Banke, Teenage Fanclub, The Byrds, Sloan and others of that ilk.

All the ingredients for great pop music are there. The strong melodies, great vocal harmonies, driving melodic bass lines, and songs that usually clock in under 3 minutesÖsometimes way under!