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From The Daily Nebraskan 8/30/12: "...at it's core The Static Octopus is still a power-pop group Click here for details.

In their year-end, Best of 2005 list, The Lincoln-Journal Star ranked "Here Comes Nothing" by The Static Octpus as #11 of the top 20 albums released by Nebraska bands, and Joel Gehringer named it his #14 of his top 15 albums of the year by anyone anywhere! Click here for details.

From The Nebraska Wesleyan Reveille: "The Static Octopus writes highly-evolved and intelligent pop-rock songs. The ten cuts on Here Comes Nothing are intelligent because a listener gets the sense that every little detail in the writing and recording of the songs lends itself to careful consideration..." - (Read more)

From Heartbeat: "A Power Pop gem in the classic sense" - (Read more)

From The Lincoln Journal-Star: "When you first hear the new album, “Here Comes Nothing,” by the Static Octopus, you might think a bunch of British rockers fell into a time warp sometime around 1960 and reappeared in Nebraska 45 years later. It’s an absurd thought, of course, but when listening to the band’s up-beat, feel-good tunes, it seems like a perfectly logical conclusion..." - (Read more)

Starcityscene.com Feature Interview: "The kind of music that sounds good on Rickenbackers" (Read more)

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