August 10, 1999 - Schizophrenic Sandwich
The new Creatures of Habit release, Schizophrenic Sandwich, is available now from Bombardier Recording Co!

You can hear an MP3 of the first single Lemon-Lime World! at the Bombco Sounds page.

Track Listing:
Side A
Universal Sky Box
Alien Boy
Pilots On Parade
Pin In My Life
Lemon-Lime World!
Get That Girl
Go Down, Godiva
My Depression
Rainy Days In My Mind
Ransom Note (End Of The World)

Side B
All The Way Home
Dream Me
On Love Lane
Freedom For Magic (Give Me The Sun)
Daisy Circles
In The Pale Light
Iíll Be With You

To listen to mp3's or purchase a copy of Schizophrenic Sandwich, go to the Bombco Site.

Compilation tracks

March 1998 - Selling Off The Bees
Selling Off The Bees is a compilation from 8 of the bands on the BRC label, each contributing 2 songs.

Selling Off The Bees

Creatures of Habit contributed the indie rock hit "Bubble" and the strongly Guided by Voices influenced song "I've Got A Halo".

Go to the Bombco Siteto order a copy.
NOTE: Selling Off The Bees was a limited run, and very few copies are left. Order yours today before it goes out of print!

July 1998 - To Bob Be The Glory
With contributors from just about every state of the U.S. plus Canada, U.K., Norway, Sweden, and some other countries I'm sure I'm forgetting, this is probably the most culturally diverse compliation ever assembled.

Over 20 artists appear on the Sweater Vest Records release "To Bob Be The Glory", a tribute to Dayton, Ohio's favorite sons, (no, not the Wright Brothers) Guided By Voices, and their leader Bob Pollard.

Creatures of Habit have 3 songs included, they are "Kiss Only The Important Ones", "A Girl Named Captain", and "Meet My Team".

Here's a review of "To Bob Be The Glory" From the Dayton Voice 9/98
... While waiting for the much fabled tribute disc (Blatant Doom Trip) to come out, many die-hard fans on the Postal Blowfish (the Guided by Voices fan mailing list) took matters into their own hands and started compiling their own tribute cassettes with titles like "To Bob Be The Glory" and "Scalping The Guru". In the spirit of their lo-fi avatar, many of the Postal Blowfishers, as they call themselves, recorded their loving tributes songs on 4-track. The quality and execution varies from song to song, but the obvious devotion to Pollard's song writing remains throughout

July 7 1999 - I, Tobot
Economy Island records presents I, Tobot - A tribute to former Guided by Voices member Tobin Sprout. The two Creatures of Habit tracks are must haves! "A Little Bit Of Dread (Mock Heavy Metal Version)" interprets the Moonflower Plastic song as it might have sounded if Toby had performed it with Thin Lizzy as his backup band featuring Eddie Van Halen on Guitar, while the 2nd song "How's Your House", from Wax Nails, remains true to the original.


To download I, Tobot in MP3 format, go to the I, Tobot Download Site

May 2001 - Pilsen Is Burning!
In March of 2001, the rear portion of the Pilsen Cafe, housing Bombardier Recording Co was set on fire. No one was hurt, but Bombco's Chief Rock Officer, Danny Blas, lost all his musical & recording equipment, and lots of other personal items, not to mention his home!. Insurance will cover some, but not nearly all of his losses, so the bands on the Bombco label pulled together this comp, as a way to raise funds to help Danny recover from his losses.

Creatures of Habit has 1 track on this release, "Sunshine In My Garden", that is not available elsewhere.

In addition to this exclusive CoH track, this comp also features songs from all your other favorite BRC bands: The Ether Family Presents..., Vote For Noah, Murray The Cop, Junkie, Jason Locke, Anthemic Pop Wonder, Lee Wadlinger, Pesotum, Mike Enzor, Magnetic Health Factory, Sugarsmack, and other surprises

Aug 2001 - What's Up PB? Comp
Postal Blowfish, the Guided by Voices internet mailing list, stands out in many ways from other internet mailing lists. One of the ways is in how many talented musicians it has on it. This is a comp of all original music by the various musicians on that list

The idea behind What's Up PB? was to have each band contribute two songs, one that had been previously released, and one that was not that would be exclusive to this comp.

CoH contributed "Get That Girl", from Schizophrenic Sandwich as the previously released song, and "Leader Cry Ten" as the unreleased track